Benefits of Grain-Free Diets

Your dog doesn't need grain and can benefit from a grain-free diet. Surprised? Don't make the mistake of thinking what's good for a human is good for a dog. In short, there are many benefits of grain free dog food for your dog.

Often, humans don't know what's good for them either, but when it comes to the canine diet, things get even worse. In fact, in the commercial pet food world, grains and carbohydrates rule, but, your dog would do better without them...

Benefits of Grain Free Diets

  • Better Digestion
  • Less dog food allergies
  • Less dog food intolerances
  • Improved energy
  • Better weight management

Why Dogs Benefit From Grain Free

Let's start with the story of dogs. The digestive systems of domestic dogs are exactly like that of wild dogs and wolves. The only time a wild dog would encounter a grain is when it's already being digested in the stomach or intestines of their prey. Thus, dogs lack the natural enzymes needed to break down grains, because they never actually ate them.

Dogs have very little, almost zero carbohydrate requirement. They do not source energy from carbohydrates as humans do.

Fast forward to now, we put corn, wheat, starches, rice and any other cheap cereal grain into dog food and expect our dogs to be healthy on these diets. Silly. Forcing a domestic dog to digest grain is almost like forcing a human to digest tree bark. It just doesn't happen.

Further, when we force a dog to digest grains for years and years, they end up with digestive and health disorders. If allowed to eat a biologically appropriate diet, dogs benefit.