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The Ultimate Guide to Grain Free Dog Food

Dehydrated Dog Food: Healthy for Dogs?

Dehydrated dog food is currently on the rise in popularity. Dehydrated dog food offers many benefits, to both the human, and the dog. So is it healthy? In a word, YES. But of course, you have to review the ingredients of any dehydrated dog food to determine the nutritional value. Currently, there are some very nutritious brands of dehydrated dog foods—even some being grain free. (see: Recommendations)

Dehydrated Dog Food: The Drawbacks

It's hard to think of any negative aspects related to dehydrated dog food, but if adding a bit of water and letting the food soak for a bit is a drawback, that would be it. Dehydrated dog food must be reconstituted before served, which makes it somewhat less convenient than simply scooping up a cup out of a bag of kibble.

Dehydrated Dog Food: The Benefits

Dehydrated dog food can offer excellent nutrition. Especially when the food is dehydrated in its raw state, the natural vitamins and enzymes remain intact.

The process of freeze-drying the dog food keeps the food from spoiling.

Because the food is dehydrated, it takes up less storage space prior to preparation.

The dehydrated dog foods we we recommend is listed below (this is subject to change):

NusentiaRaw & Grain Free Raw Meat & Produce
Manufacturer: Nusentia
5 Star Review

Why We Like This Dog Food:

  • Local, raw ingredients with high biological value and no unfavorable fillers or grain.
    Contains USDA meat (dehydrated raw). Also contains eggs, sweet potato, vitamins, and produce (vegetables and fruits). Sweet potato is a wholesome grain-free source of dietary fiber. Whole, unprocessed raw USDA meats supply a quality source of protein.
  • Meets AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.
    Meets the standards for complete and balanced nutrition for dogs. Processed at a GMP certified facility in the USA.
  • Dehydrated (freeze-dried) dog food.
    Allows for easy storage without spoilage or loss of key nutrients. Water must be added prior to serving.

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